14 Things You Only Do With Your Best Friends!

We all have loads of friends of every type, shape and size…But Here's How You Know Who Your Best Friends Are!

1. The two of you have a song and whenever it comes on, you must dance to it…

Regardless of where and when & who's watching…

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2. Your Clothes=Their Clothes…Your Bed=Their Bed…

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3. They Are The Ones Who Like All Your Pics & Love Your Instagram Pics!

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 12.30.36 pm

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4. Your Enemy is Their Enemy..Even if They Have No Clue Why You Hate Them…

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5. You don’t bother to knock on their door anymore. You just walk right in..

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6. When Everything Goes Bad, They Will Always Be There By Your Side..No Matter What!

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7. They Are Your Selfie Partners in Crime…Your Selfie is More Like a "Groupfie"

Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt in Mumbai Metro on 10.06.14

8. Your parents almost treat them as your siblings…And Care What They Do With Their Careers & Lives

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9. They Are The Only Ones Who Can Crack Jokes About You…

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10. These Guys Know All Your Embarrassing Secrets..And You Know All of Theirs!

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11. Even If You Meet After 6 Months, It Feels Like No Time Has Passed..You Connect Immediately!

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12. They Get All Your Jokes..Sometimes You Look At Them & You Both Burst Out Laughing…

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13. They Always Know When You Are Being Serious & Will Offer Excellent Advice…

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14. They Also Know When You Are Being Stupid & Will Distract You…By Doing Funny Things…

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