Virat Does a Kohli Again. Abuses Journalist Over Anushka Sharma!

India's top batsman was caught in the media for losing his cool yet again and hurling expletives at an HT journalist (Jasvinder Sidhu). The incident occurred in Perth, after the team's training session ahead of their clash with West Indies. 

His outburst caught bystanders and fellow teammates by surprise. Apparently, Virat lost his cool because he thought this journalist had written articles about him and Anushka in the recent past. 

Well, when someone pointed out to Kohli, that the journalist he showered abuses on was not the one who had written those articles, Virat called another journalist over to his room and through him, conveyed his apologies. 

Love Him Or Hate Him. He's India's Next Captain and one of the World's Best Batsmen! 

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