What These 9 Transgenders Did Will Leave You Completely Inspired And Awestruck!

Some videos, some images and some stories are so hard hitting that they leave a lasting impact on you…

We just came across this amazing concept being done for the first time in India! 9 transwomen from all across India have come together to record India's first music album: Songs of the Caravan…Journey of the Spirit. 


Being a transgender is extremely challenging in our society; It is a constant battle on multiple fronts and it is truly praiseworthy when an initiative like this comes up and shakes us all up to sit up and notice the immense talent and creativity the community possess as professional artists. 

Listen to these enthralling two videos made by participants themselves and  singing the songs in their mother tounges. This is Ekla Chalo re by Amitava Sarkar from West bengal and Edi Nungi! Spread love and music! Cheers! 

We humbly request if you could spare a minute and check out these 2 beautiful songs and share them! Your effort will show immense support & really help their noble aim of uplifting the transgeder community!


For more details you can check www.songsofthecaravan.in.

You can also check these songs out and buy them on Itunes (Click Here)

"Music is the universal language which helps heal, celebrate and rejoice. These women have spent years in music training and have finally come together to sing, cherish and celebrate their lives and their voices in front of the world."


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